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Alex has handed in his PhD thesis! All the pain has finally paid off and he will now be moving up the hill to the University of Bristol Genomics Facility. Good Luck!

Ben is now just starting his PhD adventure. Only 1457 days until hand in! Good luck!

Stepping into Ben's previous role as Research Technician is Fernando. Have a look a Fernando's page to see how he got here. Welcome to the lab Fernando!

After finishing her 1st year rotation projects, Genevieve has now joined the lab proper and is working on the GIOT1 project. Good luck!

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For our Christmas party this year we tackled an Escape room in Bristol as two competing teams: "Salt Loaded" and "The Moral Victors". Salt Loaded were the first to escape the Samurai themed room with a stunning time of 30 minutes, closely followed by The Moral Victors. We are all very happy that the problem solving skills developed during a career in Science has finally paid off!

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