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Recent Research Grant Awards.

  • 2015    MRC DTG PhD studentship (with Dr Charles Hindmarch). "Novel prognostic markers directing the diagnosis and treatment of hypertension". Awarded to Alex Paterson. 

  • 2016    United Arab Emirates University Program for Advanced Research (UPAR) grant (with Prof Abdu Adem and Dr Mahmoud Hag Ali, United Arab Emirates University). "Effects of dehydration on neurohormones, inflammatory cytokines, oxidative stress and functional genomics in the Camel". (AED800,0000 = ~£150,000)

  • 2016    MRC Project Grant (with Dr Colin Campbell) "Regulatory and functional pathways mediating the control of central osmotic defences by hypothalamic transcription factor CREB3L1". MR/N022807/1 (£425,450)

  • 2017    The Leverhulme Trust Research Grant. "How does the Arabian camel survive in the desert without drinking?" RPG-2017-287. (£318,415)

  • 2018    BHF 4-year PhD studentship (Audrys Pauza)

  • 2018    The University of Bristol International Strategic Fund. "Environmental genomics of water conservation in a desert-adapted rodent". (£3,600)

  • 2018    BBSRC Project Grant (with Dr Colin Campbell) "The role of hypothalamic RNA binding protein Caprin2 in osmoregulatory dysfunction in old age". BB/R016879/1 (£1,341,106)

  • 2018    British Society for Neuroendocrinology. Research Visit to Saudi Arabia. (£2290)

  • 2018    BHF 4-year PhD studentship (Genevieve Leyden)

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