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The brain is oft described as the most complex ‘thing’ in the universe. That this most complicated ‘thing’ is the result of a process typified by its simplicity whereby graduated changes in operation provide a substrate for selection pressure is remarkable enough. Even more remarkable is that the complexity of the brain and the animal as a whole is dependant on the information encoded by just 25,000 genes, a number that does not change significantly between the rat and the human.

The plasticity of the genome to respond to changes in the internal and external environment is mediated by the expression of each individual gene in each cell in a coordinated response. Since the number of genes is so small compared to the number of biological tasks the require maintanance, it is reasonable to suggest that the cooperative expression of multiple genes underpin most processes in order to provide an appropriate and modulated response to the environmental flux. Molecular biology has provided new techniques that can generate gene expression data from particular tissues in organisms subjected to different experimental procedures.


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