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Paul Bishop



I graduated from the University of Bristol in 2010 with a 1st class degree in Biochemistry, during which time I also completed a Wellcome Trust-funded Summer Studentship program in electrophysiology. After my undergraduate degree, I was awarded a position on the MRC-funded Quantitative Imaging PhD programme in the lab of Professor Jeremy Henley in the Biochemistry department at the University of Bristol, with a focus on molecular neuroscience. My research focused on ubiquitination and DUB pathways in neuronal cell culture.


After completing my PhD, I combined my interests in molecular neuroscience and chromatin by undertaking post-doctoral work in the department of Cellular & Molecular Medicine at the University of Bristol. My research projects included investigating the role of histone acetylation on the immediate early gene response in neuronal cell cultures; SUN1 and the LINC complex in regulating the cell cycle; and developing a novel FRET-FLIM microscopy method applicable to studying chromatin states in primary cell lines.


I was pleased to join the vibrant and expanding Murphy lab in September 2018, where I am able to pursue my twin passions of neuroscience and nucleic acids, specifically looking into the molecular mechanisms underpinning the role of RNA binding protein Caprin2 in osmoregulatory dysfunction in old age.

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