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Norshahida Abu Samah



I have my first degree in Biotechnology from International Islamic University Malaysia focusing on Food Biotechnology. After that I pursued my master’s degree in MSc Biotechnology Engineering working on research entitled “Study on protein profiling of slaughtered and stunned chicken in preparation of rapid test kit development”.

After my master’s degree, I worked as a research assistant in Institute for Medical Research and UKM Medical Molecular Biology Institute. My position back then was focusing on cancer research where I had experience of conducting proteomic research using different platforms such as gel and non-gel based platform using LC-MS. The types of samples that I had worked with are tissue and cell line samples of brain and nasopharyngeal cancer.


Currently, I am working as a junior lecturer in University Malaysia Kelantan, one of the public universities in Malaysia. My current placement is under the Department of Product Development. The department has wide applications in food, cosmetic and biopharmaceutical aspects. My current interest in Prof. Murphy’s group is evaluating the role of RNA binding protein Caprin2 in osmoregulatory dysfunction in old age.

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