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Ben Gillard



I graduated from the University of Worcester with a 1st class degree in Human Biology in 2013 then moved into my specialist area of interest by completing a Master’s degree (with Merit) in Molecular Neuroscience at the University of Bristol in 2015. My research project during the Master’s degree was with the Murphy group, supervised by Dr. Mike Greenwood. The project involved the investigating the upstream factors involved in the transcriptional regulation of Vasopressin such as Nr4a1 and c-fos. I then continued in the lab on a voluntary basis to help finish a paper on the epigenetic regulation of Vasopressin.


For the last couple of years, I have been honing my lab skills with the Diabetes and Metabolism group in Southmead Hospital measuring autoantibodies associated with Type 1 Diabetes alongside a plethora of side projects. These projects include detecting foetal microchimerism with ddPCR, looking into the frequency of certain HLA haplotypes in Type 1 Diabetes, and developing novel non-radioactive assays for the detection on autoantibodies.


I returned to the Murphy group in 2018 to work on a Leverhulme Trust funded project investigating Camelus Dromedarius. We aimed to elucidate the homeostatic mechanisms in the brain and kidney that allow the model Camel to survive the harsh climate of the desert, focusing on transcriptomic, proteomic, and phosphoproteomic changes in dehydration.

In 2019, I am excited to have started a PhD investigating Jaculus jaculus. Similar to previous work with Camel tissues, my aims are to work out why these desert rodents are so good at resisting the effects of dehydration. The PhD is funded by BBSRC as part of the SWBio DTP programme.

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